WHY K9 Fluoro ?  After fishing competitively for many years, I was frustrated when purchasing fishing line. Either the high end lines were too expensive, or the lower priced lines did not perform well for me. Call me crazy, but I sought out experts in line creation, and decided to create my own brand. After getting the line ready for testing, we put spools in the hands of local fisherman and pros to test. The reviews were extremely positive. So here we are … K9 Fluoro is now on the market. Offered in varied sized spools, and priced below most other lines on a yard for yard basis.  

Please let me know your story after trying it on your home waters. Thank You, Kelly Albert

K9 Fluoro will fill the needs of fisherman in about 85% of all fishing situations. No line is perfect, but K9 Fluoro was designed to perform under most applications. Veteran tournament guys have stated many times over that they believe K9 to be the best cranking and jerkbait line that they have ever used. Tournament results have been phenomenal using K9 Fluoro. (Especially 12lb test matched with big crankbaits)

August 2016 Release

K9 Smash Swimbait made available to stores and available online at K9fishing.com 

The SMASH is a slow sinking swimbait with unbelievable action and realistic paint patterns. Fished with a tip stiff rod, the bait can be made to do about anything in the water. Fish it up top with a slow retrieve, Wake it, Twitch it,.. use your imagination. The lifelike action is unbelievable. Available in stores and online, and priced to include all fisherman. 

October 2016 Release

K9 Premium 8 Strand Braid available this week. Check your local tackle store, or K9fishing.com

Other news– Nine tournament wins and over $50,000 in earnings to local fisherman using K9 Fluoro.. In last 90 Days !!

   —    Remember: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35.00 !!  $2.99 Flat Rate on orders under $35.00

November 2016 Release

K9 Fishing has a small, but very good team of fishermen. In the last 120 days, K9 Fluoro has 13 tournament wins, a 2nd at a BFL Regional, and now over $70,000 in checks cashed. That is not bad for a small group of talented guys who have put their tournament fate in the hands of K9 Fluoro. They trusted K9 Fluoro when they needed performance.

K9 Fishing just released the BUSTER tailspin lure. In the last 6 weeks of testing, BUSTER has caught so many fish around the balls of bait typical in the fall. This bait is irresistible to these schooling fish. With one BFL win credited to Buster, this is not your Grandpa’s tailspin bait.

January 2017 Release

2016 is in the books. And what a year it was for K9 Fluoro. Nearly $100k in bass tournament winnings – A new Hi-Vis line seeing great success in the Crappie world – Customers from coast to coast – K9 will have a strong presence on the FLW Costa Tour in 2017.  Happy New Year !!

February 2017 Release

The growth of K9 Fishing has been amazing this year. More and more people have heard about our products, and have had great results. Our new HiVis Crappie line has already become a favorite among the serious crappie fishermen this spring. The HiVis sits nicely on a spinning reel, and has very low memory-making it a pleasure to fish. Many have stated that our HiVis is the best crappie line in the market.

Also new in 2017 are three new products that were requested by our customers. Many out there use smaller diameter braid, and tie a leader to it. So we have added two new sizes to our premium 8 strand braid – 10lb & 20lb.  Another request came in for a heavier Fluoro for close range junk fishing, and A-Rigs. So new to the K9 Fluoro lineup is 25lb K9 Fluoro.

April 2017 Release

K9 Fishing has expanded our product line for 2017. New products include the very popular Hi-Vis lines for the crappie fishermen. We are also testing the Hi-Vis in larger lines for night fishing using black lights. A new 25lb K9 Fluoro line has also been added for flipping. The 25lb line has already racked up wins in the early spring of ’17. Our premium 8 strand braid lineup has been expanded to include 10, 20, 45, & 60lb test.  

K9 Fluoro has chalked up a number of wins already this year. Two of which came off of Old Hickory Lake in Nashville using 14lb K9 Fluoro, matched up with a 3/4 oz. Xcaliber rattling bait. Kelly Albert of K9 Fishing won an ABA event on Old Hickory Lake on 4/24. Used 17lb K9 Fluoro on spinnerbaits from Daves Custom Tackle, and 60lb K9 Braid on swim jigs. First place was a boat and cash. K9 winnings for 2017 is already approaching $30k, and we are early in the year.

On the water testing of our 14, 17, & 20lb lines in HiVis using black lights at night has been positive. We plan to add these lines to our line up for our customers that fish at night using black lights. 

June 2017 Release

From the FLW Costa Series, to ABA, to Local and Regional events such as the BFL’s – K9 has had quite a successful 2017 so far. More and more fishermen have made the switch to K9 Fluoro. Why ?? — Little to no memory, affordable, strong and long casting. Our K9 Super Braid also sets the mark for the finest, quietest braid you can throw. Many have said that they will never go back to their old brands.

The Hivis version of K9 has been expanded to include not just 4 & 6lb tests. Hivis is now available in ALL sizes. The Hivis has been popular with night fishermen using LED black lights.

October 2017 Release

Pitman Creek Wholesale announced as new national distributor for K9 Fishing Products. If your local tackle store does not carry K9 Fishing Products, ask them to contact Pitman Creek Wholesale.

The hot summer months have about passed for the year, but the K9 Hi-Vis Fluoro became a best seller during the hot months when fishermen chose to fish at night. Night fishermen discovered that the Hi-Vis K9 Fluoro Line glowed with an LED blacklight. Sales of the Hi-Vis lines were off the charts.

With fall approaching and cooler temps on the way, the crappie should begin biting well again. Not only does K9 Fishing offer the ultimate in Hi-Vis Crappie line, NEW to K9 customers this month will be an ultra fine diameter K9 Crappie Braid in Hi-Vis yellow. K9 Crappie Braid casts great on spinning gear, is super sensitive, and for an ultra thin line – is extremely strong.  

December 2017 Release

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on 2017 with sincere gratitude for all the fishermen and stores that supported K9 Fishing Products throughout the year. In 2018, it is our plan to expand on the K9 product line and add options that our vendors and fishermen believe will make them more successful. 

In January, K9 Fluoro will be offered in a new size spool in addition to the current 550yd round spools. Stores will be able to offer K9 Fluoro on a 300yd  spool that will be packaged in the traditional square pack that can hang on wall pegs. For fishermen, the 300yd spool will allow them to purchase K9 Fluoro in a lower quantity at a lower price.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

January 2018 Release

The first week of 2018 has been off the charts for K9 Fishing. Compared to same week last year, orders are up 1,000%. A sincere thanks to all the fishermen and stores who have placed their trust in K9 Fishing Products. 

Also new to 2018 will be an additional distribution channel — Big Rock Sports. If your local store does not carry K9, ask them to contact us or one of our national distributors. 

We wish everyone a successful Spring… it will be here very soon hopefully.



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