Kevin “Baitman” Baxter with a 9lb LM caught using 8lb K9 Fluoro paired with a Vision 110 Jerkbait

David Wright from N. Car. with 6+ lb Largemouth,  using Jerkbait & K9 Fluoro — January 2017.  >Watch for David to do well in the upcoming FLW/BFL All American tournament on Pickwick Lake #k9fishing

Congrats to Tim Eversole and Keith Gross on their big win using K9 Fluoro 20lb flipping jigs on Old Hickory

Stacy Lewis with a nice smallmouth caught on K9

Tim Messer Wins – Old Hickory Lake


12lb K9 and crank baits have been the deal.

Tournament win while using K9 Fluoro!

Congratulations to Rusty Rust of Fishin’ Affliction TV!

Customer from KC stopped in Flippers Bait & Tackle to pick up some K-9 Fluoro. He said that he was tired of paying so much for quality fishing line.

Note from Nicholas Whitten in FL — > I am ABSOLUTELY loving that hi vis fluoro that y’all sent me, I literally pulled my boat to a bush I was hung in the other day!!! Can’t do that with other lines! With that being said I’m wanting to put yalls logo on my jersey for the 2018 season! 

NOTE from Jordon Venable in N. Carolina:… “Well, after 2 tournament days and a practice day for an upcoming tournament, I’m beyond impressed with the softness and abrasion resistance of K9 fluorocarbon. I had a two pound fish hanging on a rusty steel cable for 15-20 seconds and was able to land the fish. I feel most other lines wouldn’t have held up. I’ve attached a few photos of some fish caught practicing for a tournament at Lake Hickory. One 7lbs and one 5lbs. After fishing in some heavy rock and rip rap, the line held up very well. I didn’t worry about breaking fish off like I’d done the week before. This is without a doubt some of the best line I’ve ever tried. You’ve definitely earned a new customer!”

Stevie Nelson with a Nice Ky Lake largemouth. 12lb K9 Fluoro / Jerkbait #k9fishing

Congrats to Patrick Keele — Wins on Wheeler -17lb K9


Brandon Rich Shared pic and Comment > “4lber caught on old hickory using K-9 fluoro. I love this line.”

2nd Consecutive Win for Rusty Rust of Fishin’ Affliction TV using K-9 Fluoro !!


And had Big Fish of Event 🙂

Kelly Albert and Tim Messer whack em on KY Lake using football jigs and K9 Fluoro #k9fishing

Phil Hereford stocking up on K-9

Freddie Pentecost Stocking up on K-9

Another Huge K9 Win !!!

A nice smallmouth sent in by Kevin Berry. Using a jerkbait and 12lb K9 Fluoro. #k9fishing

Josh Briggs from Clarksville, Tn with a nice Brown Trout caught using 10lb K9 Fluoro

Nathaniel Burris with nice fish caught on SMASH swimbait.

Tim Eversole Fishing K9

Using K9 12lb to Capture Cranking Bass in August

 @ KY Lake — Caught more than 20 fish over 4lbs. Never retied — K9 Held up.

Football Jigs on 14lb Test.

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